Day1: 30 August, 2017
Anchored in Ittoqqortoormiit East Greenland mouth of the Scoresby Sund.

Icelandic schooner 'Opal' anchors at the Inuit community.



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Day 3-7 Journey from Hekkla Havn to Red Rock and Bear islands


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Celebrating my Birthday on Top of the World in the Arctic @71 degrees latitude 4 September, 2017.


Sitting with my fellow intrepid Arctic explorers from the Icelandic Schooner 'opal' anchored in the background in Bear Islands the most Northerly part of our sailing expedition in Scoresby Sund before heading South to Point Constable Bay via Ittoqqortoormiit.IMG_5980.JPG

After the 4th September from Day 7 and Day 8 we started to encounter high seas and stoms. The rain prevented us from landing and the snow was starting to fall nearby on the mountains towards Ittoqortoormiit the Mountains near Contstable Point were becoming quite snow capped and we could feel the difference in temperature from a week ago when we landed.