Rotarian's Against Malaria (RAM) Conference 2015


New Era for RBM Partnership

August always heralds a change of pace for the RBM Partnership. This month proved no exception, but also brought with it a forecast of upheaval and change.

Many of you will now be aware that the Roll Back Malaria Partnership is going through changes to its architecture. A new partnership structure was approved by the RBM Board at its 28th meeting in May 2015, designed to strengthen the global malaria community's ability to realise a highly-integrated political, operational, and financial response, and accelerate coordinated actionagainst malaria during a new era of shifting development priorities.

This decision has also determined the closure of the current RBM Secretariat - planned for the end of December 2015 - in anticipation of new Partnership structures being put into place in the New Year by a committee of the RBM Board. We hope to keep you posted on the changes as they unfold.

Notwithstanding, the Partnership's work must go on - and did! World Mosquito Day was marked this month with a coordinated social media buzz as many partners highlighted the dangers of diseases caused by this fragile but deadly insect.

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The Secretariat has also taken the lead to compile a compendium of compelling SDG messaging to highlight the essential contribution malaria control and elimination will make towards this agenda. Get in touch with the MAWG Messaging Work Stream if you want to take part!

The Harmonization Working Group, Sub Regional Networks and Malaria Advocacy Working Group (MAWG)all convened from 10-14 August in Uganda; the MAWG ran a one-day Advocacy Resource Mobilization (ARM)workshop while the HWG and SRNs continued their regular annual analysis of country implementation gaps and challenges .

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Following the successful launch in July, interactive media clippings are now available of the global coverage generated around the launch of the Action and Investment to Defeat Malaria, 2016-2030.

We are looking forward to a busy September - the arrival of the Sustainable Development Goals - and new beginnings for this highly successful global malaria


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    • The meeting voted to endorse the new RAM Mission statement which reads:
    • - Rotarians Against Malaria is a volunteer-run organisation working to eliminate malaria.

Part 1 - Conference Report- Progress in Countries

Part3 - Researchers Reports